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In addition to reading and agreeing to the terms below we require that you print the following document and fill out all of the fields and send it to us by mail with a self-addressed stamped envelope, in order to hunt on our property.


To Hunters on the Rhodes, Felder Brown Farm (formerly Bernard Elwood), Buss Farm (formerly Walter Portwood), Pilot Township, Iowa County, Iowa


(640 acres in T79N R11W as follows: NW1/4 of NE1/4, Sec 20; S1/2 of NE1/4 Sec 20; N1/2 of SE1/4, Sec 20; NW1/4. Sec 20; NW1/4 of Sec 21; N1/2 of SW1/4, Sec 21; & NW1/4 of SE1/4, Sec 21)

August 31, 20   

When you return a filled-in copy of the permission form, we (Mary Brown and Judith Felder) will give you permission to hunt through June 30, 20    at Indiangrass Hills in Pilot Township, Iowa County, Iowa. You agree that you are entering this property at your own risk.

We ask you to hunt only these animals:

  • Pheasant
  • Rabbit
  • Raccoon
  • Whitetail deer:
    • Antlerless (preferably a mature doe) or
    • Trophy buck (generally 10-point or better)


Please do not:

  • Use traps or snares
  • Put tree stands in oak, hickory, or cottonwood trees.
  • Erect permanent tree stands(portable stands OK, but please remove within 2 weeks after the end of deer season).
  • Drive any motor vehicle, including ATV's, anywhere outside the parking areas at the three designated gates (see below).


Please do:

  • Print a separate permission for each person (hunter or accompanying non-hunter) in your party.
  • Email Felder the day before at jjfigh@mchsi.com to tell us when you are going to be hunting. Except:
    • Opening weekend pheasant hunters.
    • Shotgun deer hunters (we assume that there will be hunting every day of both seasons.)
  • Park a vehicle at 2549 I Ave on the side of the property you will be hunting. Or park a vehicle at 2530 H Ave. if you are hunting the far west.
  • Keep track of the animals you harvest here.
carry the signed permission slip from us with you when you hunt at our place.

Please fill out all boxes on both parts of the downloadable form and return to:

Mary Brown
Indiangrass Hills
P.O. Box 987
Iowa City, IA 52244-0987

Thank you for your cooperation


Richard S. Rhodes II
Sandy died on 28 November 2005

Seed Harvesting
1940's John Deere combine restored

IgH Purchase
112 acres adjacent to IgH purchased by INHF with Richard S. Rhodes funds. It will be managed by INHF but increases the IgH site to approximately 752 acres!