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Indiangrass Hills is located in sections 20&21 in Pilot Township, Iowa County, Iowa


I-80 westbound exit at the Millersburg/Ladora exit #211. Turn L (left) or South on H Ave (V52). Continue 1.3 miles to a 4-way stop. Continue straight 1.3 miles and turn L or East on 240th St. Take the next R(right) or South on J Ave. Take the next R (west) on 250th St. Follow 250th St through a sharp turn to the L at which point it becomes I Ave. Our pole barn is on the right at the top of the second hill. 2549 I Ave.


Locator MapMap of Prairie Remnant
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Richard S. Rhodes II
Sandy died on 28 November 2005

Seed Harvesting
1940's John Deere combine restored

IgH Purchase
112 acres adjacent to IgH purchased by INHF with Richard S. Rhodes funds. It will be managed by INHF but increases the IgH site to approximately 752 acres!